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  • Non Toxic
  • Mold resistant
  • Absorbs odors
  • Easy to repair
  • Temperature & humidity buffering
  • No VOC’s
  • 100% natural
  • Non fading
  • Easy clean-up

Product Description

American Clay earth plaster is a unique blend of clays, aggregates, and natural pigments ideally suited for interior walls and ceilings in residential, commercial institutional, hospitality, and heal/spa applications.

A More Cost Effective Choice

Compared to other unique wall covering materials, earth plaster saves labor, is reusable, stores forever and has a direct impact on energy consumption.

Three Unique Finishes

Our three plasters each offer their own distinct finishes and textures while achieving superior bond and durability.

  • LOMA™: Our original smooth finish, creates a soft, even finish that can be worked to a matte look or an almost unlimited number of textures.
  • PORCELINA™: Super-smooth for a more polished appearance, PORCELINA creates a harder Venetian veneer at a fraction of the cost. Its remarkable character is achieved by using kaolin – no acrylic, lime or cement necessary.
  • MARITTIMO™: Featuring a seashell aggregate, MARITTIMO produces a uniquely smooth yet faceted effect – a natural sheen with additional hardness.

Apply With Ease

American Clay with the addition of Mud Glue™ will bond directly to a variety of substrates including drywall, masonry, plasterboard, cement coatings, gypsum and lime based plasters and existing painted walls. Mud Glue provides increased durability and impart resistance when used in the top coat. Proper wall preparation is required for various substrates. And to make your application process even easier, American Clay offers a selection of compatible products including Sanded Primer, Penetrating Sealer, Glass Sealer, and Dura-Mix.


Loma 180-220 sq ft/bag 1 coat base or finish
Porcelina 300-350 sq ft/bag finish coat
Marittimo 150-175 sq ft/bag finish coat

LOMA is always used as the base coat. Surfaces with texture will require a thicker base coat. Recommended application: two thin coats each 1/32 inch, for a combined thickness of up to 1/16 inch.


50 lb recyclable bag


Store indoors elevated off the floor. Plasters should acclimate 72 hours to environment.



Mold Resistance

0% mold growth, per test results from procedure
ASTM D3273-00

Flame Spread

ASTM E84 rating of 5, UBS Class 1
NFPA Class A. Smoke developed 0

Recycled Content

72% post industrial by weight

Recycled Content

72% post industrial by weight


A complete application video can be purchased from Claymasters.ca. Written instructions can be downloaded from www.americanclay.com. Minimal application training. Product is easy to repair.

Drying Time

Actual climate will vary dry times. 2-4 hours in dry climates and 6-10 hours per coat in humid climates. Dehumidifiers and increased air circulation using fans will decrease dry time.


American Clay offers over 43 colors standard natural color pigments. Custom color matches are available for a fee. Pigments are dry powder packaged in clear sealed recyclable bags.

Clean Up

Water, damp sponge or rag.


MSDS are available at www.americanclay.com


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